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orphaning Gnome 1 libraries

For a while I have been maintaining the gnome-1 libraries, because
gnucash was the last big package which required them.  

When I uploaded the gnome-2 version of gnucash into unstable, I filed
RFAs for these libraries.

Now that the gnome-2 version of gnucash has migrated into testing, I'm
orphaning them.  There are still a tiny number of packages that rely
on them, so they should not be peremptorily removed without
coordinating with or examining those other packages: something I don't
have time to do right now.

The gnome-1 packages concerned are
  bonobo, gal0.x, gnome-libs, gnome-print, gtkhtml, libcapplet,
  libglade, oaf

And not strictly part of gnome:

And also being orphaned at the same time:
  gwrapguile [obsoleted by g-wrap]


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