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Re: Why udev does not use update-rc.d in its postinst

On Monday 11 September 2006 19:17, Frank Küster wrote:
> md@Linux.IT (Marco d'Itri) wrote:
> > On Sep 11, Frank Küster <frank@debian.org> wrote:
> >> That's the version in testing, but the source package in sid also has
> >> all that's needed to get it in again, unless there's a hard-to-see
> >> subtle error.
> >
> > Like the update-rc.d bug discussed here in the last few days.
> Which wouldn't result in the udev binary package's postinst missing the
> update-rc.d call, as George asserted.  

I was terribly wrong on that assertion, sorry for the confusion. I was looking 
at mine own udev package (this is not like I don't trust the official one, of 
course, just the opposide) which doesn't call update-rc.d intentionaly. The 
package udev (0.100-1) currently in Sid just is fine.

> And this bug probably would 
> disable more init scripts than this one (I didn't read it in detail,
> since by chance I didn't upgrade to any problematic version).

Right. This hosed my network and it took me quite awhile to get some clue 
about what went wrong, i.e. to suspect the sysv-rc package. After having 
inspected the changelog of sysv-rc and update-rc.d-recover.gz file I tried to 
dpkg-reconfigure most important stuff: linux-image-* (to fix modules.dep), 
udev, ifupdown, module-init-tools, and the list suggested by the recovery 
script. Now after I'm networked again I can see the mail from Kevin B. 
McCarty which is the case here. Yes, I was lucky I had sysv-rc 2.86.ds1-20 
installed in the first place. Thanks for the help.

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