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Re: Buildd maintenance for dummies

Luk Claes <luk@debian.org> writes:

Hi Luk,

> I recently took over the buildd maintenance of signy.farm.ftbfs.de, a mips
> buildd for experimental, sarge-backports, sarge-volatile and non-free
> (whitlisted packages). I actually started in helping with the buildd
> maintenance of odin.farm.ftbfs.de which is a similar buildd for sparc.
> As newbie I made some stupid mistakes... I hereby want to announce a
> wiki page to make sure newbies in buildd maintenance don't make this
> mistakes again :-)

It sounds like a great idea.

Also, feel free to note them down in a new README under
and I'll turn them into a nice manpage at some point.  I'm about
halfway through packaging it, though I'm bogged down
with other commitments right at the present.


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