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Re: Proposal for virtual package 'stardict' and 'stardict-dictionary'

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Cai Qian wrote:
>> I think it is fine to provide "stardict", so it makes thing easier to share
>> dictionaries, right? However, SDCV and stardict have different upstream authors
>> and release circle, and the latest version is 0.4.2. I suppose it is better to
>> keep upstream author's naming convention. Any particular reason to rename it?

Yap, I thought call it as stardict-console might be easier for our users
to find it, But it also looks fine if it listed under stardict virtual
package. So let's just keep it in upstream author's naming convention.

> - Dump stardic's free dictionary data and package it for stardict, and
>   might call it 'stardict-xdict-eng-chi' and make it Provides
>   'stardict-dictdata'(Closes:#280286, #292908), and make
>   'stardict-dictdata' Recommends 'stardict' each other.

An update from stardict maintainer Roy Hiu-yeung Chan:
yes... notice you, I already create  virtual-package named
stardict-dictionary few years ago when I start to maintain stardict.

And then I take a look at virtual-package-names-list again, I found
this: 25 Apr 2004 Added stardict-dictionary

Sorry for the mistake, I'd change the title for my wishlist bug on

>> Can we use the standard language coding for dictionarie name here,
>> such as,
>> stardict-xdict-en-zh_CN
>> so in the future, we can handle something like,
>> stardict-xdict-en_UK-zh_TW

Good point. I will take your suggestion for that.

>> Thanks. The rest sounds great for me.

Thank you for your comments.

Best regards,

- -Andrew
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