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Re: Install packages automatically based on the detected hardware

[Raphael Hertzog]
> Yay! That's a great feature. Thank you for coding it.

Thank you.  It has been brewing for years, and I finally got time to
look at it.

> Ideally, we should rely on our users to send us suggestions
> here. But for that we need to write down a wiki explaining how to
> get the required information (lsusb, lspci, etc.).

If the users uses the reportbug script to report the bug against
discover or discover-data, it will automatically include the output
from lspci and lsusb. :)

> Of course, this need to advertised to a wider audience than -devel.
> -devel-announce seems a good option.

Yeah.  But I wanted to start small, to get feedback on the current
feature set before it is announced to the public at large. :)

>> I hope to have this feature integrated into debian-installer before
>> etch, so useful hardware related packages can be installed
>> automatically on request.
> I look forward to that!

Volunteers welcome. :)

Petter Reinholdtsen

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