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Re: Why does Ubuntu have all the ideas?

At 1156986534 past the epoch, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> > to be fair with Mgr Tuharsky, I think that it is
> > important to remind that the bug he is talking about in
> > not affecting OpenOffice only, that it was introduced by
> > a security update, and that for various reasons the fix
> > takes months to be released, leaving users with a broken
> > Sarge.
>   ^^^^^
> Do you mean Testing?

A security update in sarge for a different package breaks
OOo2 in some circumstances on Sarge. That is, if someone
installs OOo2, which means fetching it from elsewhere
(backports perhaps?) an unrelated security update will stop
it working.

Personally I think the DS team have enough work making sure
security updates are a smooth process for packages *in the
OS*: being expected to test random-external-package-x on top
of that is asking too much.

Jon Dowland

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