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Re: Firmware poll

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Chris Lamb wrote:
> On Tue, 29 Aug 2006 05:37:23 -0500, Ron Johnson wrote:
>> [ x ] Choice 5: Ship *BLOBs* (does *not* mean closed-source
>>                 drivers like nvidia) that can be legally
>>                 redistributed, do not ship BLOBs that can
>>                 not be legally redistributed.
>> Yes, I know BLOBs are, well, binary, but they do *not* run on the
>> system's CPU.  They run on "little" CPUs on PCI cards, in USB
>> devices, etc, etc, etc.  Morally, it is the same as a FSF/GNU
>> devotee running a machine that has ROMs and Flash EEPROMs on the
>> mobo, on high-performance NICs, etc.
> I disagree, or I am not understanding the difference between the two.
> FSF/GNU devotees would much prefer to use a free BIOS[0] or EEPROM
> code if they had a choice imho.

Yes, they would *prefer* to.  So would I.  But still...

Even RMS uses closed-source binaries.  If not the mobo's BIOS, then
the video card's BIOS, the NIC's BIOS, etc.

I guess I just take the view that mobo & card manufacturers are
*not* going to release enough detailed specs to allow for every mobo
(or even a reasonable percentage of mobos) to have an OSS BIOS.

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