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Re: Bits from the DPL: Freedom and etch

Le lun 28 août 2006 20:35, Anthony Towns a écrit :
> Hello, world!
> […]
> Note that both these polls are just an informal way of finding out
> what people think, and while they will be considered and taken into
> account, they won't necessarily be the final word on the matter.

  I'm very suprised by that mail that completely forgot to mention the 
ongoing discussions about a GR about firmwares. There is already three 
proposals for that GR[1] and I wonder why those have not been 

  I'm also worried that the debate seems to be presented as "relase etch 
in time and put firmwares in main" versus "care about firmware freeness 
and release later". That's not what has been discussed on debian-vote 
for one or two weeks already. The current amendments all have the 
corrolary that etch won't be delayed, either because an exception will 
be proposed (don's proposal) or because we don't care about firmware 
until we have a viable technical solution to do the split (joss's 
proposal) or because we decide that firmwares are not programatical 
things (steve's proposal).

  Given that, and that you are not able to assure the users that the 
result of their poll will be followed:
 * I fear that the issues of those polls would put pressure on the GR
 * I also fear that if the GR issue is not what the polls showed that
   the user wanted, we will have a hard time to cope with our angry
   users, that will feel they have been made as a fool of that story.

  So question to the DPL: I really wonder why a formal announce of that 
unofficial poll has been made, instead of encouraging people to review 
the amendments that have been proposed, and even propose a new one if 
needed, so that that GR can come, and that we know where we are going 
instead of guessing.

 [1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-vote/2006/08/msg00032.html
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