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Bug#384693: marked as done (Debian traduction team should work on Xt applications localization too)

Your message dated Sat, 26 Aug 2006 10:35:39 +0200
with message-id <20060826083539.GC3998@bouh.residence.ens-lyon.fr>
and subject line Debian traduction team should work on Xt applications localization too
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Package: general
Severity: wishlist
Tags: l10n


Xt applications (like xfig, gv, xterm, ...) are currently not localized,
while software support is already there, the traduction team just needs
to work on translating labels in /etc/X11/app-defaults.

For instance, the attached files are the ones that the xterm
package should put in /etc/X11/fr_FR@euro/app-defaults/ for
French localization (some UTF-8 versions should also be put into


-- System Information:
Debian Release: testing/unstable
  APT prefers unstable
  APT policy: (900, 'unstable'), (500, 'testing'), (500, 'stable'), (1, 'experimental')
Architecture: i386 (i686)
Shell:  /bin/sh linked to /bin/bash
Kernel: Linux 2.6.17
Locale: LANG=fr_FR@euro, LC_CTYPE=fr_FR@euro (charmap=ISO-8859-15)
*mainMenu.Label:  Options principales
*mainMenu*toolbar*Label:  Barre d'outils
*mainMenu*securekbd*Label:  Clavier sécurisé
*mainMenu*allowsends*Label:  Autoriser SendEvents
*mainMenu*redraw*Label:  Rafraîchir la fenêtre
*mainMenu*logging*Label:  Loguer vers un fichier
*mainMenu*print*Label:  Imprimer la fenêtre
*mainMenu*print-redirect*Label:  Rediriger vers l'imprimante
*mainMenu*8-bit control*Label: Contrôles 8-bits
*mainMenu*backarrow key*Label: Touche retour arrière (BS/DEL)
*mainMenu*num-lock*Label: Modificateurs Alt/NumLock
*mainMenu*alt-esc*Label: Alt envoie ESC
*mainMenu*meta-esc*Label: Meta envoie ESC
*mainMenu*delete-is-del*Label: Suppr envoie DEL
*mainMenu*oldFunctionKeys*Label: Anciennes touches de fonction
*mainMenu*sunFunctionKeys*Label: Touches de fonction Sun
*mainMenu*sunKeyboard*Label: Clavier VT220
*mainMenu*hpFunctionKeys*Label: Touches de fonction HP
*mainMenu*scoFunctionKeys*Label: Touches de fonction SCO
*mainMenu*suspend*Label:  Envoyer un signal STOP
*mainMenu*continue*Label:  Envoyer un signal CONT
*mainMenu*interrupt*Label:  Envoyer un signal INT
*mainMenu*hangup*Label:  Envoyer un signal HUP
*mainMenu*terminate*Label:  Envoyer un signal TERM
*mainMenu*kill*Label:  Envoyer un signal KILL
*mainMenu*quit*Label:  Quitter

*vtMenu.Label:  Options du terminal
*vtMenu*scrollbar*Label:  Activer la barre de défilement
*vtMenu*jumpscroll*Label:  Activer le défilement rapide
*vtMenu*reversevideo*Label:  Activer l'inversement vidéo
*vtMenu*autowrap*Label:  Activer le retour chariot auto
*vtMenu*reversewrap*Label:  Activer le retour chariot auto inverse
*vtMenu*autolinefeed*Label:  Activer le changement de ligne auto
*vtMenu*appcursor*Label:  Activer les touches de directions applicatives
*vtMenu*appkeypad*Label:  Activer le pavé numérique applicatif
*vtMenu*scrollkey*Label:  Retourner en bas sur pression de touche
*vtMenu*scrollttyoutput*Label:  Retourner en bas sur sortie Tty
*vtMenu*allow132*Label: Autoriser le basculement 80/132 colonnes
*vtMenu*selectToClipboard*Label: Sélectionner vers le presse-papier
*vtMenu*cursesemul*Label:  Activer l'émulation curses
*vtMenu*visualbell*Label:  Activer l'alerte lumineuse
*vtMenu*poponbell*Label:  Activer l'avant-plan sur alerte
*vtMenu*marginbell*Label:  Activer l'alerte de marge
*vtMenu*cursorblink*Label: Activer le clignotement du curseur
*vtMenu*titeInhibit*Label:  Activer le basculement sur l'écran alternatif
*vtMenu*activeicon*Label: Activer l'icône active
*vtMenu*softreset*Label:  Effectuer une remise à zéro légère
*vtMenu*hardreset*Label:  Effectuer une remise à zéro complète
*vtMenu*clearsavedlines*Label:  Remettre à zéro et effacer l'historique
*vtMenu*tekshow*Label:  Montrer la fenêtre Tek
*vtMenu*tekmode*Label:  Basculer vers le mode Tek
*vtMenu*vthide*Label:  Cacher la fenêtre de terminal
*vtMenu*altscreen*Label:  Montrer l'écran alternatif

*fontMenu.Label:  Police du terminal
*fontMenu*fontdefault*Label:	Défaut
*fontMenu*font1*Label:	Illisible
*fontMenu*font2*Label:	Minuscule
*fontMenu*font3*Label:	Petit
*fontMenu*font4*Label:	Moyen
*fontMenu*font5*Label:	Grand
*fontMenu*font6*Label:	Gigantesque
*fontMenu*fontescape*Label:	Séquence d'échappement
*fontMenu*fontsel*Label:	Sélection
*fontMenu*font-linedrawing*Label: Caractères de tracé de trait
*fontMenu*font-doublesize*Label: Caractères de taille double
*fontMenu*font-loadable*Label:	Police VT220 logicielle
*fontMenu*render-font*Label:	Police TrueType
*fontMenu*utf8-mode*Label:	UTF-8
*fontMenu*utf8-title*Label:	Titres UTF-8

*tekMenu.Label:  Options Tek
*tekMenu*tektextlarge*Label:  Caractères larges
*tekMenu*tektext2*Label:  Caractères taille N°2
*tekMenu*tektext3*Label:  Caractères taille N°3
*tekMenu*tektextsmall*Label:  Petits caractères
*tekMenu*tekpage*Label:  PAGE
*tekMenu*tekreset*Label:  REMISE À ZÉRO
*tekMenu*tekcopy*Label:  COPIER
*tekMenu*vtshow*Label:  Montrer la fenêtre de terminal
*tekMenu*vtmode*Label:  Basculer vers le mode terminal
*tekMenu*tekhide*Label:  Cacher la fenêtre Tek
#include "../../app-defaults/XTerm"
#include "XTerm.msg"
#include "../../app-defaults/XTerm-color"
#include "XTerm.msg"
#include "../../app-defaults/UXTerm"
#include "XTerm.msg"
#include "../../app-defaults/KOI8RXTerm"
#include "XTerm.msg"

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Paul Wise, le Sat 26 Aug 2006 16:19:45 +0800, a écrit :
> I thought that the debbugs-cc to debian-i18n would be enough to alert
> i18n folks about this and that they probably wouldn't keep track of
> l10n-related bugs assigned to the general pseudo-package. I didn't know
> that debian-i18n looks after the bugs on the general package too.

Well, I didn't know either, but reassigning a bug clearly needs an
explanation :)

That said, i18n people said their are responsible for debian packages,
not upstream ones, so I'm closing the bug (and keeping the clone that I
left assigned to xterm).


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