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Bug#384693: Debian traduction team should work on Xt applications localization too

On Sat, 2006-08-26 at 10:00 +0200, Samuel Thibault wrote:

> Why did you reassign this bug to xterm?

I made a mistake, for which I apologise.

> The real purpose of the bug is not to provide the xterm fr
> translations, but to have the debian i18n team start the process of
> translating all Xt applications, I only attached an example (xterm)
> for saving a18n people the time for finding out how Xt localization
> things work.

I thought that the debbugs-cc to debian-i18n would be enough to alert
i18n folks about this and that they probably wouldn't keep track of
l10n-related bugs assigned to the general pseudo-package. I didn't know
that debian-i18n looks after the bugs on the general package too.



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