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Re: Why does Ubuntu have all the ideas?

Bastian Venthur wrote:
> Michelle Konzack wrote:
>> Hello Katrina,
>> Am 2006-07-28 12:42:01, schrieb Katrina Jackson:
>>> PS.  Hardware, Hardware, Hardware, I have to confess, if there was better
>>> hardware support I think most people would be happy.  Hardware supported by
>>> Ubuntu 6 months ago, should be supported by Debian by now.
>> Why do you try to blame Debian for the sucking Hardware support
>> which is definitifly a thing of the Kernel (Linux) which depend
>> on the support of the hardware manufacturer.  If you want to
>> get better hardware support, please contact the manufacturer.
> Because, hardware support seems to be better in Ubutuntu than in Debian?
> I've not tested it by myself, but I've heard from many people claiming
> that their hardware (especially Laptop hardware) works perfectly out of
> the box with Ubuntu but is a PITA to get working on Debian.

Ubuntu ships with some restricted modules for better hardware support.
To be exact (from synaptic):

 - madwifi (Atheros)
 - fglrx (ATI)
 - nvidia
 - fcdsl2, fcdslsl, fcdslslusb, fcdslusb, fcdslusb2, fcpci,
   fcpcmcia, fcpcmcia_cs (AVM ISDN)

I don't think Debian should do that, but perhaps the process to install
them after the fact could be easier for people who are not full blown
Linux admins?

Sander Marechal http://www.gnome-hearts.org/

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