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Re: Running x86-64 debian inside i386 pbuilder on AMD64

Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> On 10756 March 1977, Sander Marechal wrote:
>> Nope, I run a K7 kernel now (Ubuntu dapper). Can I simply replace my
>> kernel and leave the rest of my system in tact? I don't see AMD64 kernel
>> images in Synaptic. Probably a silly question, but who knows :-)
> You need to run dpkg with the right --force option to install a 64bit
> kernel with the "wrong" arch amd64 on your system. Works perfectly nice,
> but you should be sure your cpu is really able to run it, or next reboot
> doesnt get far.

I'm sure allright. I've had various 64 bit distro's on this machine, but
lack of flash and a few other 32-bit only things always make me go back.

Quick question: Do I only need the AMD64 linux-image package, or also
the linux-restricted-modules package?


Sander Marechal

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