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Re: Time to rethink ifupdown

On Sun, 20 Aug 2006 16:03:49 +0700, Jon Dowland <lists@alcopop.org> wrote:

I've been wondering for a while if it might not be possible
to develop a more up-to-date ifup/down that would a)
maintain suitability for non-graphical environments and b)
have enough functionality, cross-distro, to be useful as a
back-end for NM, as I'm pretty uncomfortable with having all
the logic in the same tool as the whizzy interface.

What's missing from the current ifupdown which stops it from being useful as a backend for NM?

However, ifupdown is Priority: important and Section: base,
meaning that it shall be frozen [2] and that redevelopment
will have to target etch+1.

Of course, redesign of ifupdown is too big a thing to be pushed into etch. I wasn't even thinking of that.

Alexey Feldgendler <alexey@feldgendler.ru>
[ICQ: 115226275] http://feldgendler.livejournal.com

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