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Re: mass bugfiling: dbconfig-common-using packages violating policy 7.2

On 8/19/06, sean finney <seanius@debian.org> wrote:
it was recently brought to my attention that the documented method
for using the dbconfig-common hooks in a maintainer's postrm script
was non-compliant wrt policy 7.2.  policy stipulates that packages
can not require use of programs from any non-essential packages
in the postrm/purge phase.

unfortunately, the example packages used as guidelines didn't
make any checks to safeguard this, so i suspect most/all of
the packages using dbconfig-common do not either.  since these
are rc-bugs, i don't think the lintian route is the correct path and
plan to file the bugs in the next few days.

I just uploaded a new version that fixes this problem.

Cameron Dale

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