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Re: glibc and UNACCEPTs

We have stated:
> 3) [policy]  Manual processing by ftp-masters when changing distro.
> Their decision is automatic rejection by default unless there is a
> changelog entry explicitly stating the distro change is occurs. This
> need only apply for uploads to unstable (or stable), not for uploads to
> experimental.
> Unless 2) is practical to implement, then 3) is a very good idea, in my
> opinion, since it removes the single point of failure.  No longer will
> there be just one single field to be miswritten.  Manpower-wise,
> however, I don't know if it would make too much burden on the
> ftp-masters.

Another thought on the QUEUE processing line, if asking ftp-masters to
perform these manual checks is too burdensome, then an alternative is

3.b)  Delay any such transitioning packages, to provide time for the
maintainer (or the team) to realise the mistake and fill out a
.commands file cancelling the upload.  What would be a reasonable time
frame, 4 hours?  12 ?  24 ?


p.s.  Andreas, I'm glad you like Option 2). Yes, I mentioned
dpkg-buildpackage in the comments underneath :)

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