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Re: apache2.2 uploaded to experimental

[Thom May]
> This version is not yet ready for unstable, and hence also not for
> etch, because it requires more testing. All maintainers of apache
> modules are encouraged to test their modules against apache2.2 from
> experimental, and upload tested modules to experimental.

In the same vein, we've just uploaded subversion 1.4.0~rc4-2 to
experimental (see 'incoming').  We hope to have 1.4.0 in etch; it's not
a revolutionary change from 1.2.x/1.3.x, but even so, of course, some
testing would be appreciated.  (This release is tied to apache 2.2, but
we can return to 2.0 if need be.)  The code itself seems quite solid to
me, but I do need to note that it's still a release candidate.

Also, PLEASE DO read /usr/share/doc/libsvn1/NEWS.Debian.gz, regarding
upgrades and downgrades.

Peter, for the Debian Subversion team

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