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Re: New desktop features provided by new version of update-notifier

> Please don't mess with gettext this way. You should ask Ubuntu people to
> rewrite the lines so that the 'branding' is removed or, at most, is handled
> by a variable that *is* replaced at runtime (this is what was introduced in
> Debian Installer). If you do string-based replacement you are going to miss
> (or break) non-ASCII based languages (think Japanese or Chinese).

This is what has been suggested on -i18n and what Gustavo will
probably do.

Even replacing branding by a variable is wrong as "Debian" or "Ubuntu"
may be variable in some languages...or influence the remaining of the

For instance, if we say "<something> of {Ubuntu|Debian}" in English,
it will translate to either "quelque chose d'Ubuntu" or "quelque chose
de Debian" in French...so using "<something> of ${DISTRO}" in English
would be wrong.

The very very best is unbranding.

I would actually recommend all fellow Debian package maintainers to
think about this and try to avoid branding as much as possible (this
is for instance what has been done in D-I where "Debian" is mentioned
very very rarely).

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