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Re: New desktop features provided by new version of update-notifier

Le Sun, Aug 13, 2006 at 09:03:52PM -0500, John Goerzen a écrit :
> Say you were a
> seasoned Solaris admin, and you installed Debian to play around with.
> You get a prompt saying that you have to reboot because zlib or
> something has been upgraded.  Are you going to think this is a serious
> operating system, suitable for server-class work?

Maybe a way to solve the problem would be to make clear in the package
name, documentation and popup messages that it is not a native Debian
tool?  For instance, it could be called "Ubuntu update notifier for

In the end, it seems to me that the problem is more that the tool has a
name made only with dictionary words, which suggest that it is *the*
tool to use. In the future, there may be more update notifiers, each
with its own policy about when to reboot, when to relog, and so on, and
"update-notifier" would have an advantage over the others, which is
unfortunate because of the bad practices it promotes as you pointed out.

Have a nice day,

Charles Plessy
Wako, Saitama, Japan

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