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Re: VMware packaging

Loïc Minier wrote:

> Would be nice if we could go as far as shipping binary packages for
> e.g. vmware-player, as Ubuntu does:

Oh come one guys. So instead of providing QEMU + QEMU Acclerator, a
partially free solution, we just go for totally non-free one? VMware was
not an option when there actually was no alternative to it, so why is it
an option now?

I know that QEMU Accelerator is not distributable, but providing a sort
of an installer (or even asking an author for a permission to
distribute) should not be any harder than providing an installer for
VMware. Both need to compile kernel-specific stuff, as far as I remember.

Moreover, VMware is not that all-round superior solution, as some may
think: it cannot run without invading your kernel, requires to install
stuff in guess OS to support some features that QEMU supports
transparently (usb tablet, for example), etc.

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