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Re: ITP: subtitleeditor -- Graphical subtitle editor with sound waves representation

* Peter Samuelson <peter@p12n.org> [060812 14:00]:
> No need to mention the competitors, really.

I strongly disagree.  While an individual upstream author may have
competitive feelings towards other software that provides similar
functionality, one of Debian's primary priorities is its users (as
opposed to its upstream authors).  The Debian community recognizes that
different software that provide the same basic functionality may each
have their own advantages and disadvantages, and providing more than one
package with similar functionality is usually a "Good Thing".

If you are going to provide two subtitle editors (for example), knowing
the pros and cons of each helps the users (me, for one!) decide which
one (or more) best suits my needs.  Listing specific (important)
differences from other specifically named packages in the package
description is extremely helpful to me (and, presumably, other users).

Also, it impresses me when a package description says something like "if
you need feature X, you are better off with package M, but this package
provides feature Y which package M doesn't have."


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