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Re: cdrtools

Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@gwolf.org> wrote:

> the author's official module). You say that I don't have the right to
> distribute this under the name PDF::API2 in Debian, do I understand
> correctly? Please tell me: This module is a Perl library. If I modify
> it to become PDF::API2::Debian, how will our users' code be portable?

You are a funny person.....

You like to talk avout portabilitiy but the patches that Debian aplies to 
cdrtools are only from two categories:

-	Patches that introduce bugs that cannot be found in the original

-	Patches that make the Debian version incompatible to the official
	version and thus prevent portability of scripts and GUI programs

What I request from distributors is only a result of the malicious ways well 
known distributors go. There was no need to add these requirements in case that
all distributors would be cooperative.


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