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Re: piuparts unprocessed failed logs page

ke, 2006-08-09 kello 10:21 +0300, Lars Wirzenius kirjoitti:
> While I wait to have time to do something better and more easily usable,
> the following page lists the logs of failed piuparts files that have not
> yet been processed:
> http://piuparts.cs.helsinki.fi/fail/

I made some more logs available, in the hope that they're useful:


The meaning is this:

* fail is UNPROCESSED log files for failed piuparts tests. The problems
may or may not be in the package, and they may be temporary (e.g.,
mirror problems).

* bugged is failures for which a bug has been reported; the log file is
moved there from the fail directory manually. The goal is to have the
bug number at the top of the file. Sometimes the bug hasn't been
reported and there's some other explanation. Sometimes there's no good
reason for the log to be there anymore (or in the first place); my
fingers sometimes fumble, and my brain, too.

* fixed is where a log moves from bugged after a bug has been fixed.

* untestable is where logs for packages are stored that can't be tested
with piuparts, for whatever reason (sometimes because piuparts is not
smart enough).

The only category of log files not visible via http is the "pass" ones,
i.e., logs for piuparts runs that failed to find any problems in the
package. These are not public because the directory is huge.

Every time I say /quit I die a little.

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