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Re: Silly Packaging Problem

On Thu August 10 2006 15:10, martin f krafft wrote:
> also sprach Bruce Sass <bmsass@shaw.ca> [2006.08.10.2124 +0100]:
> > An "update-package" command, run at install time by the
> > maintainer's scripts right after file generation succeeds, would
> > head off potential problems with synchronization that are outside
> > of the Maintainer's control (e.g., DEBIAN/dynfiles containing
> > incorrectly generated paths)
> That's a bug then. I'd much rather prefer maintainer control than
> some script magic. How would the script determine which files were
> added anyway?

No point setting oneself up for bugs if it is not necessary.

The script wouldn't determine anything, it would simply append paths to 
the package's list of paths. The Maintainer would need to call the 
script "right after file generation succeeds", or perhaps with a list 
of files just generated, or as part of an install if packageless files 
are known to exist.

- Bruce

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