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RFS: libdevice-serialport-perl 1.002-1, or picking up where 0.22 left off

Hi all!  =)

I'm requesting for a sponsor for my `libdevice-serialport-perl'
package for the Perl module Device::SerialPort version 1.002 .  This
package is supposed to be under the care of Michael D. Mattice
(mattice on db, LoRez on IRC,) but it hasn't been touched by him in
exactly 2 years (the last upload from him was on 2004-08-10.)  Since
then this package has underwent 3 NMUs, the first of which severely
broke the package because it somehow patched back the old release code
to the new release.

I have tried pinging mattice via email and IRC, but to no avail.
Sometime  ago I asked for the advice of debian-qa, and I was told that
taking his package seems ok now, short of a real QA upload.

As such, I have taken steps to create a package with the _real_ new
upstream release, closing bugs, and acknowledging the three NMUs along
the way.  The new package is available at Debian Mentors,[0] and it is
lintian clean.

[0]  http://mentors.debian.net/cgi-bin/sponsor-pkglist?action=details;package=libdevice-serialport-perl

Furthermore, let me emphasize that I did this package not just because
it needed updating, but because I needed this package to be updated
for the `sendpage' package to work correctly (speaking of which, the
two packages are software that I'm involved with on the Google Summer
of Code project for Sendpage/OSDL.[1])  Thus the urgency of my

[1]  http://code.google.com/soc/osdl/appinfo.html?csaid=F69CC123BDA4788A

I would be glad if someone uploaded this package for me.  Thanks in advance!



Zak B. Elep  ||  http://zakame.spunge.org
zakame@ubuntu.com  ||  zakame@spunge.org
1486 7957 454D E529 E4F1  F75E 5787 B1FD FA53 851D

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