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Re: dak now supports ~ in version numbers

* martin f krafft [Wed, 09 Aug 2006 00:58:35 +0100]:

> ... I guess it's time to break the news that Debian now supports the
> ~-character as part of the version number of its packages!

Thanks to all that made this possible.

> However, I am sure you are aware that the feature is to be
> considered "beta", meaning that things might not always work as they
> should, in which case we require your patience and cooperation.
> Please contact ftpmaster@d.o in case of problems.

I uploaded bzr_0.9~rc1-1 this morning, and all when fine. dinstall still
has not arrived, though.

> So what does all this mean?

> [list of things, snip]

Ah, here's one more:

Packages that do stuff like:

  Package: foo-plugin
  Depends: foo (>= 0.8), foo (<< 0.9)

Will probably want to move to:

  Depends: foo (>= 0.8), foo (<< 0.9~)


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