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Re: Pan in Sid

As it was pointed out by Jon Dowland, please read the discussion on
this list that was started by the maintainer.

Michael Rasmussen wrote:
> 1) It is VERY unstable - constant freezes and crashes

Please report such issues using the "reportbug" program or `M-x
debian-bug' if you use Emacs and have debian-el installed.  One of the
reasons that pan was uploaded to unstable is to find and fix any
existing bugs in due time.  It doesn't crash for me on three

> 2) When installing the old settings from Pan 1.x is not merge with Pan  
> 2.x in which case your settings are either lost or you have to merge  
> all settings manually.

It is a pain, yes.  But for some packages there is no guarantee for an
automatic upgrade path, so you'll have to live with it.  Note that
this is is an upstream issue so all users of all distros suffer from it.

> I hope the version of Pan is removed by the end of the day!

It won't, I hope.  The old pan is not supported by upstream and
although more stable than the new one, has plenty of annoying issues
and bugs, which Søren Boll Overgaard has been fixing through the years
with passion and love.  It is inappropriate to insist to continue this
nightmare for him throughout Etch's timeframe.

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