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Re: Bug#381992: ITP: libming-fonts-openoffice -- Fonts for use with the Ming Library for SWF Creation

Am Dienstag 08 August 2006 14:47 schrieb Stuart Anderson:
> Yes, the packages I have prepared are built as part of the rest of the
> ming package. The ming source package Build-depends on the package that
> contains the TTF fonts that will be converted into a libming font package.
> Upstream ming (and the libming-util package) now includes an updated
> version of the tool that is used to convert the fonts.

Would it be possible to convert them at installation time?
There would be two essential options:
1. creation at installation time:
   - possibly only one package for all ming fonts (the tool)
   - less packages on the mirrors
2. building a ming font package for the wanted TTF font packages

I'd go for option one with a small util that:
1. installs the ttf font package e.g. via apt
2. converts to ming fonts
3. optionally uninstalls the ttf font package


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