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Re: Bug#381992: ITP: libming-fonts-openoffice -- Fonts for use with the Ming Library for SWF Creation

On Tue, 8 Aug 2006, Rene Engelhard wrote:

Are those fonts manually converted?

YOu didn't answer his question.

Fair enough. The coffee hadn't quite kicked in yet. 8-)

Are they manually converted? Or how are they converted?

I wasn't sure what Alejandro had in mind, so I didn't want
to answer for him. In the past however, that package was made from some
fonts that were manually converted and uploaded to the ming FTP site.
The tool that was used for that conversion a few years ago has suffered
some bitrot.

Can they be converted during-build of some other package (where the fonts
are from, when there's OOo fonts I mean ttf-opensymbol and

Yes, the packages I have prepared are built as part of the rest of the
ming package. The ming source package Build-depends on the package that
contains the TTF fonts that will be converted into a libming font package.
Upstream ming (and the libming-util package) now includes an updated version
of the tool that is used to convert the fonts.

It is now trivial to create additional libming format font packages, so
some of the feedback I'd like to receive, is which fonts would it be
useful to have already converted and packaged.


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