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thedebianuser.org started

DDD (Dear Debian Developers),

two days ago, I started a new community project - mostly a blog page
until now - called "thedebianuser.org".

I kindly invite all of you to contribute, or send comments, critics,

The "official" announcement is on LXer, because I promised them since
long to write a "Feature" there - so you can read about it at:


Those (few) of you who know me: you know that since long I'm trying to
contribute *without* being a DD (yet?) - I helped Wouter with the booth
at this year's FOSDEM, spoke at this year's Debian Day at Linuxtag,
report errors, all that kind of stuff. Now opening a domain like that
should be just another way to contribute and to help spreading and
promoting Debian.

To all the others, who don't know me (yet):

I'm really grateful for your work and efforts, even for something you
write in your blogs and which is aggregated on the planet. I said so at
Linuxtag, and I will keep saying it - so thanks a lot.

(A small sidenote perhaps: while short *before* Linuxtag, I read
somewhere on your blogs or on debian.org (forgot): "We have to listen
and react more to the users", there was no DD in the room during my
talk, interestingly;)

I hope that some of you find the time to contribute, or to read the
user's planet as soon as I setup one.

Thanks again,
and kind regards,
wjl aka Wolfgang Lonien

- Please CC me in case of answers. Thanks -

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