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Re: Successful and unsuccessful Debian development tools

Frank Küster wrote:
>> There is also sbuild (which may be used with or without schroot to
>> manage the chroot).  I prefer it to pbuilder, but I may be a little
>> biased ;-)
> Isn't sbuild usually using a permanently unpacked chroot which persists
> between different invocations of the tool?  That's not what I'd call a
> "clean chroot", although a skilled and concentrated person might do well
> with it.

This applies to the DSA version, which is used on the buildds. The
sbuild package in debian however adds more features, like schroot
support. With this, it can use schroot to create temporary, clean
chroots from tarballs, block devices, create lvm snapshots on the fly
and so on. I read Roger, that even xen support is planned.

schroot is another very very useful tool. It gives me more or less
instant access to clean chroots on lvm snapshots for experimenting,
building, developing and testing.


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