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Re: package ownership in Debian

On Monday 31 July 2006 18:43, Hubert Chan wrote:
> On Mon, 31 Jul 2006 11:40:54 -0300, "Gustavo Franco" 
<gustavorfranco@gmail.com> said:
> > On 7/31/06, Hubert Chan <hubert@uhoreg.ca> wrote:
> >> On Sat, 29 Jul 2006 20:00:21 +0000, "Gustavo Franco"
> >> <gustavorfranco@gmail.com> said:
> >>
> >> [...]
> >>
> >> > The packages that aren't under group maintenance and will never be,
> >> > needs more not so strict NMU rules.
> >>
> >> Why?
> >
> > Due to the "my stuff, don't touch that!" current approach, but (again)
> > this is just IMHO.
> I disagree with that.  (IMHO) I think that the "my stuff" approach has
> more to do with maintainer attitude than with NMU rules.  I don't think
> that loosening the NMU rules will decrease the maintainers'
> possessiveness.  The current rules already authorized all DDs to make
> NMUs, if you follow the procedures.  And if you follow the current NMU
> rules, then the entire process will take, what, a couple of weeks?

IMHO the maintainer(s) could mention their wishes wrt to NMU and any 
particular package in debian/copyright, right after 
This package was debianized by ... 
When needed NMU is appreciated/forbidden/whatever 

That will help to avoid some confusion, when people are in doubt wrt "to NMU 
or not to NMU".

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