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Re: Debian should have a weekly debate

On Monday 31 July 2006 18:16, alfredo diega wrote:
>  I really believe Debian would benefit if they had a weekly debate.  I
> understand you debate on things you are voting on, but I think it could be
> better if you debated on general concerns.  I was reading  the "Why Ubuntu
> has
> all the ideas" thread and think two things were apparent.

AFAICS debates are ongoing all the time via various comm channels - MLs, 
various wiki pages, IRC channels, even VCS if you want ;-) What channel do 
you miss to debate thru ?

> First-  Many wrote quick feelings out of impulse.  Often, they had good
> ideas
> they wanted to express, but because of impulse, said them in ways that were
> not
> the most productive.  Many were accused of being trolls or making personal
> attacks because of this.
> Second-  Many people had a few issues that they so deeply wanted to express
> that they couldn't hold back, even though it may cause an argument.  I
> don't
> think this is a bad thing, but it does to me show many have issues they
> would
> like to be discussed.
>    This leads me to believe one of the best things the Debian project could
> adopt is a weekly debate.  This is really healthy for a society, I hope you
> take
>  the idea seriously.  Every day when I watch CNN they have a panel of
> people debating key issues which need to be addressed.  Whenever I come
> away from one
> of those debates, I know I am better informed, and better able to
> contribute to
> society in a productive way.  I think this will also hold true for all the
> Debian Developers.

That will consume tons of time which is better to be spent in fixing RC-bugs, 
helping WNPP, improving d-i, processing and mentoring NMs, improving artworks 
and such.

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