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Re: Debian should have a weekly debate

On 7/31/06, martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> wrote:
also sprach alfredo diega <alfredodiega666@gmail.com> [2006.07.31.1616 +0100]:
> I really believe Debian would benefit if they had a weekly debate.
> I understand you debate on things you are voting on, but I think
> it could be better if you debated on general concerns.  I was
> reading  the "Why Ubuntu has all the ideas" thread and think two
> things were apparent.

I don't think a debate is in any way a useful format for F/OSS, but
there's nothing preventing you from inviting to one and moderating

I thought #debian-tech @ irc.oftc.net was started with the "technical
debates" goal in mind, no?

> Every day when I watch CNN they have a panel of people debating
> key issues which need to be addressed.

I generally end up wanting to throw up seeing those people discuss.
Words and no action. And I more than often wonder why some people
are even given the chance chance to speak about a topic. Like the
other day I read a statement by Britney "hussy" Spears about the
Lebanon situation. WTF?

I'd prefer if Debian got work done rather than talk (too) much about
issues. We know we're going to disagree on many things, and mailing
list discussions at least give us links with some of the useful
comments to link to from DWN or other discussions.

I agree, but i think that the online meetings about specific projects
work. (eg: d-i, ltsp, ...)

-- stratus

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