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Re: Bug#380468: ITP: phpunit2 -- Unit testing suite for PHP5

On Mon, Jul 31, 2006 at 06:52:50AM +1000, Matthew Palmer wrote:
>On Sun, Jul 30, 2006 at 02:40:47PM +0200, Bart Martens wrote:
>>Package: wnpp
>>Severity: wishlist
>>Owner: Bart Martens <bartm@knars.be>
>>* Package name    : phpunit2

It seems to me that the submitter of #330301 is MIA:

#330301 is nine months old.

The submitter of #330301 didn't reply during the last three months
(or so) to a question about the status of the ITP of php-phpunit2.

So, I have uploaded Bart's package, wich closes both #330301 and

Aníbal Monsalve Salazar

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