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What does dh_strip --dbg-package do if two binary packages contain the same file?


I would like to add a -dbg package to exim4. However, I doubt that
dh_strip is doing the right thing here.

The Debian exim4 source package builds a number of binary packages.
Two of them are exim4-daemon-light and exim4-daemon-heavy, both of
with containing (different!) versions of /usr/sbin/exim4.

In the -dbg package created by dh_strip, I only have a single file
/usr/lib/debug/usr/sbin/exim4. Which debug information does this
contain? Does it contain debug information for both versions of the
binary? How do I find out which binary the debug information contained
inside belongs to?

Is dh_strip the right tool for this issue?

Any hints will be appreciated.


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