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[VAC] Lyon, 2006-07-29 to 2006-08-06

I have already sent a vacation notification to -private, but I'm sending
another one to -devel, for those considering NMUs of my packages.

I'll be on vacation next week in Lyon (France) with no net access, and
coming back the week thereafter.  I will have little time to spend on
Debian because I'm moving, but things should go back to normal around
2006-08-16 or so.

I am in the middle of a large transition from gnat 3.15p (based on GCC
2.8.1) to GCC 4.1 as the system Ada compiler for Etch.  Most of my
packages FTBFS, and have corresponding RC bugs, because I properly set
their build-dependencies to *not* build with GCC 4.1.  The reason is
that GCC 4.1 brings a new ABI, so all libraries must change their
sonames.  Another change required in all packages is that they must
support amd64, ia64 and hppa in addition to i386, kfreebsd-i386, powerpc
and sparc.  A third change, for several packages, is that upstream
has switched from the GNAT-Modified GPL (which allows distributing
non-free programs linked with the free libraries) to the pure GPL (which
disallows this).  See the copyright file in libxmlada2-dev for details,
other packages will need similar copyright statements.

The transition is currently blocked by Packages-arch-specific not being
taken into account by wanna-build, due to a CVS pserver problem.  I was
hoping to upload all of my packages before my vacation, but the delay
makes that impossible (not that I want to blame anyone; I am just
explaining the situation).

If you plan to do an NMU of any of my packages, please wait until I
return, so you can coordinate with me.  I *do* welcome NMUs, patches
and suggestions.

Also, please see http://www.ada-france.org/debian/debian-ada-policy.html
before considering an NMU.

Ludovic Brenta.
(signing off for a week :) )

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