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Re: Bug#379475: [Etch] Should sysfsutils be added to the base system?

#include <hallo.h>
* Otavio Salvador [Tue, Jul 25 2006, 02:23:16PM]:

> Well then we might work reducing the code size but at least am I
> talking about functionality and that's important in my POV.

Important for whom exactly? I do not have this package installed here
and I never missed it. Now I have installed it and still cannot see
anything essential there. Not even strongly neccessary for average
administration, not speaking about basic things which are supposed to be
covered by the basedebs package set. The space/use ratio just sucks.

What is next? push "acpi" into base debs? And don't forget "apmd" then.
Some another frontend? Maybe vim too since you can use "xxd" to read
disk sectors. Great, huch?!

> As Martin suggest we can split that part from sysfsutils in another
> binary package and put it in base. That light reduce its size.

Even then:

Package: libsysfs2
Installed-Size: 112

Hallo Hosenlatztrommler!

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