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Re: Bug#379475: [Etch] Should sysfsutils be added to the base system?

On Tuesday 25 July 2006 01:42, Marco d'Itri wrote:
> Which packages actually use it, and why?
> What can it do that "echo $VALUE > /sys$DEVPATH/attribute" and similar
> commands cannot do?
> What is the point of having an abstraction layer for a published and
> already widely used API?
> I object to adding 160 KB to base unless it will be better explained
> why we need this.

My main rationale is that its init script offers offers a fairly clean and 
obvious way for users to set values in /sys at boot time. (Without the 
need for them to hack a local init script.)

IMO it is much easier to find functionality like this if it is already 
present on the system than if you have to search for it. And it seems to 
me basic enough that it warrants inclusion in base, especially as 
equivalent functionality for /proc/sys already is.

The use case that prompted the bug report is listed in my initial mail.

See also Martin Pitt's reply to the BR:

His suggestion of moving the init script to an existing base package is 
worth considering and would meet your objections.

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