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Re: Bug#379475: [Etch] Should sysfsutils be added to the base system?

On Jul 25, Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> wrote:

> My main rationale is that its init script offers offers a fairly clean and 
> obvious way for users to set values in /sys at boot time. (Without the 
> need for them to hack a local init script.)
echo looks clean and obvious to me as well, and does not require 180 KB
of new packages.

> IMO it is much easier to find functionality like this if it is already 
> present on the system than if you have to search for it. And it seems to 
> me basic enough that it warrants inclusion in base, especially as 
> equivalent functionality for /proc/sys already is.
This may be at most an argument for promoting the package to optional or
even standard priority, but base packages should have much stricter
criteria for inclusion.
/sbin/sysctl is 9 KB and parts of procps.


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