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Re: Bug#350468: libpcre3: install libpcre.so* in /lib

Re: Marco d'Itri 2006-07-22 <[🔎] 20060722102716.GA11571@wonderland.linux.it>
> > Instead of moving libpcre and making it quasi-essential, why not
> > slightly modify grep so that it can dlopen libpcre if present. Not
> Since grep is already modular this would be very easy to implement by
> moving the Pcompile() and Pexecute() functions in a separate file to be
> dlopen'ed.
> OTOH, I'm still not sure that it would be worth the effort.
> > everyone needs the -P option to grep. But then, there is the problem of
> > scripts that would use the -P option when libpcre is not present :-/
> Scripts using -P would need to depend on libcpre.

There's a third solution: make grep depend on libpcre, use dlopen, but
do not move the library to /lib. In that case, only scripts at boot
time need to stay away from -P.

I'd be glad though for any package that doesn't get pulled into by
pbuilder tar.gz...

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