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Re: Configuration file shadowed?

On 21-Jul-06, 13:41 (CDT), Jean-Christophe Dubacq <Jean-Christophe.Dubacq@ens-lyon.org> wrote: 
> The way I see it, the /usr/share/texmf/mktex.cnf is a "default value  
> file", used in the setup of the whole texmf hierarchy; the  
> configuration is /etc/texmf/mktex.cnf, which, per web2c magic,  
> overrides the default values, _if it does exist_. Good default values  
> can be set by copying /usr/share/texmf/mktex.cnf, and return to  
> default values can be done through the removal of /etc/texmf/mktex.cnf.

I'd buy that except for the debconf message, which implies that the
visibility of certain default value (MT_FEATURES, right?) blocked by the
mere existence of /etc/texmf/mktex.cnf, even though it's unmentioned in
that file.

Standard behaviour is to allow "compiled in"[1] default values to change
unless explicitly overridden by a configuration file.


[1] Yes, I know that's not the right term technically, but it fits
conceptually. Anyway, the default value as specified by the package

Steve Greenland
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