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Re: Getting the buildds to notice new architectures in a package

Wouter Verhelst <wouter@debian.org> writes:

> On Sun, Jul 16, 2006 at 06:31:56PM +0200, Ludovic Brenta wrote:
>> Also, I would propose that a list, buildd@lists.d.o, or even better, a
>> pseudo-package, buildd, be created for such issues. buildd would
>> complement ftp.debian.org as a central place for buildd-related
>> requests.
> This has been proposed before. 
> It would only work if buildd maintainers agree to use it. Personally, I
> feel that a generic "buildd" list for "all" architectures is a bit over
> the top (there is rarely ever need for that, it would probably only be
> abused (intentionally or otherwise) by people who don't need to contact
> all buildd maintainers anyway).

The buildd package could just be a central hub where two or three
knowlegable people sift through the bug reports and then distribute it
to the affected/responsible person.


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