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Re: Bug#377697: New version of squid hangs at startup

On Tue, Jul 11, 2006 at 01:42:08AM +0100, Stephen Gran wrote:

> 4. Make it a runtime startup decision.  More work to implement, but for
> things like this, it seems like a reaonably sane choice.

Having done this before it's fairly straightforward to achieve, even if
you can't assume libc support for epoll().  At startup, try to use
epoll_create() as you need to anyway.  If that fails then degrade to
using poll() or whatever.

>                                                            Probably still
> #ifdef'ed to only bother checking on linux, but still.

This is needed anyway: the relevant structures, syscalls and libc entry
points are only availiable on Linux and the syscalls can't be worked

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