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Re: Bug#368674: confirmed, fuse really needs a start of udev after adding a group, or /dev/fuse ends up with a wrong group

On Jul 08, Junichi Uekawa <dancer@netfort.gr.jp> wrote:

> I've confirmed that this really requires restart of udev after fuse install.
No, nothing requires restarting udevd.

The problem is that for performance reasons udevd resolves users and
groups only when loading the rules files. Since the rule referencing
group fuse is installed by the udev package but the group will not
exist until the fuse package is installed, it will be not work as
expected until the next time the rules files are read.

A workaround for packages which do not install their own rules file
(and usually they should not) but use non-standard users or groups is:

[ -x /sbin/udevcontrol ] && udevcontrol reload_rules


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