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confirmed, fuse really needs a start of udev after adding a group, or /dev/fuse ends up with a wrong group

reopen 368674
reassign 368674 fuse-utils


>It works today. Now I remember I installed fuse-utils yesterday, which
>means the fuse group did not still exist when udev started. Restarting
>udev (or rebooting the system, obviously) fixes the issue.

>This behavior seems like the only one possible, so closing the bug.

I've confirmed that this really requires restart of udev after fuse install.

I guess this is a situation that might easily happen with other
packages, and we'll end up with a nonworking system until reboot, some
helpful FAQ for developers might be in order.

I think fuse-utils should restart udev in postinst if udev is used.

I'm cc'ing debian-devel to alert more widely of this behavior, I hope
that's okay.

dancer@{debian.org,netfort.gr.jp}   Debian Project

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