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Dual licensing [Was: Re: cdrtools]

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On Sat, 08 Jul 2006, George Danchev wrote:
> Well, I have the following 'and' vs. 'or' type of licensing
> question. While it is clear now that Debian can not distribute a
> product when some of its parts are under GPL and the rest are under
> CDDL ('and'), is it fine to double-license {GPL|CDDL} the whole
> product like Perl does with GPL | Artistic, so either the whole
> thing is under GPL or the whole thing under CDDL as accepted by the
> licensee. In short, could you double license under two incompatible
> licenses ? 

As far as I understand it (TINLA, IANAL, YHBW, etc.) so long as there
is a subset of licenses available which you can use to actually
distribute the work, you ignore the licenses which you don't
distribute under. It is a good practice to list the other licenses in
the copyright file as a service to our users, but strictly speaking
they are superfluous. [In the cases where they are not, you're not
actually dual licensing the work.]

Of course, you have to actually own the copyright on the parts that
you are (re)licensing but that's probably obvious. ;-)

Don Armstrong

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