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Re: cdrtools

#include <hallo.h>
* Adam Borowski [Fri, Jul 07 2006, 10:38:32AM]:

> * dvdrtools, a fork of the last GPLed version, is in non-free

Please look at dvdrtools' files, eg. cdrecord.c before claiming that.

> And of course, this particular case is already in good hands.  What I
> am interested in is whether GPL can be withdrawn.  Of course, the
> copyright holder can relicense new versions to his heart's content,
> but can he take away people's rights from older releases?  The whole

Apparently not. The current cdrtools package in topic is relicensed with
"some other license I'm not discussing here" but the initially GPLed
contributions (mkisofs and its additional components) have been kept
under the GPL.

And that is what I am forking right now. If someone is volunteering as
alpha tester or codeveloper, let me know.


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