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Re: Package Selection for Debian Live

 Well, I think, we first should think about, what aim this CD or DVD should 
be. Which people we want to reach ? In the time, where are so many other 
live-cds, like Knoppix, kanotix, Grml, DSL and so on, it is very difficult to 
create an "all-in-wonder-"-stuff.

So my thougts are these:

People, who like KDE and GNOME want to have a fully graphic environment and a 
an easy system. So pack on it all the stuff, which is useful for people and 
what has graphical tools i.e. synaptics, openoffice, browsers and all the 
other graphical stuff, whithout those people cannot work.

The other profile are people, who like the shell, and who are well known with 
it. So put all the important things, which make life easier upon this CD. X 
should be packed on it, too, and a small wm (I suggest fluxbox or XFCE)

Then, there are the professionels, they just need all the tools. For these 
people there should be a multiboot-CD. I think of all the tools, they are in 
i.e. GRML. X should be there natuarally as some tools are really better to 
use in X. QTParted is such a tool. But thats not all. Thjese tools should fit 
about 250MB at all, so it would be nice to have the same tools for the most   
used architectures on this CD or DVD, too (AMD32, AMD64, PPC, Sparc etc.)

I suppose, there will be other groups of people, but for those, the other live 
cds on the market should be good enough.

Ah, I will not forget: Please, no Installer on these CDs !!! IMO people shall 
do a real installation, not a "rsync" like Knoppix does. Reason is: People, 
who make a real installation will understand their system, and those people 
will bring the Debian forward.

Best regards



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