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Re: doc compilations: build-time or pre-built?

> >> 1) compile docs pre-build-time; or
> >> 2)  compile docs in build-time
> > 
> > Definitely the latter. We build stuff at build time for a reason,
> > architecture-specific or -independent alike.
> That depends a bit on the stuff.  A lot of maintainers think running 
> auto* to generate configure and Makefile.in at build-time is to be 
> avoided.  Another lot of maintainers disagree with them.

Really, someone should actually start talking with numbers, to answer the following question:

How much time is used installing/running those auto* toolchain, and
docbook toolchain.

It's not too difficult to use oprofile, it just needs some work.

Another aspect is maintenance cost. Auto* tools and docbook toolchain,
and tex toolchain may break, which means packages no longer
build. This, I believe, shouldn't really be considered a reason not to
build-depend; because it will be the users who will suffer from a
broken package that doesn't really build.

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