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Re: Dropping indirect dependencies from libgnutls-config --libs

* Andreas Metzler 

| I think it would not be nice if funky-license packageX suddenly had a
| indirect build-depency on GPL software, simply because it is using the
| standard autoconf test.

Like.. gcc which is, more or less, the only compiler used for free
software, be it BSD-, GPL or otherwise licenced.

| I agree that imho this is no real license issue ("oops, we suddenly would
| not be able to distribute x and y") but it just looks strange if
| linking suddenly requires installation of external GPL software.

pkg-config builds fine with Microsoft Visual C++ or the Sun Studio
compilers too, and I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work with
any other C compiler either (apart from a few bugs in the Makefile.am
which I haven't gotten around to fixing yet, but they're trivial to
work around if you need to).

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